Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tip 34 - Google Insights for Search

Ok so you have spent your entire life writing your website, getting the design just right and now its live and the visitors are coming, or are they.

OK as you will already know the key to a successful website is having not only other websites linking to your website, but having the right keywords in and on your website so that it can be found.

Ok so how do you find out which ones to use (I have touched on keywords before but not the stats), the key to the right keywords is research. Play around with different words to see which ones are being searched. To do this you have a few choices and these are
  1. Open a Google Adwords account and use the keyword Tools in the Reporting and Tools section to play around and find out which keywords are being searched and how competitive they are.
  2. Google being the nice people they are have started to open up some of the search engine data for you to play with, and although still a Beta solution the new kid on the block is Google Insights for Search with this tool you can see what people are searching for almost in realtime, and unlike the keyword tools in adwords this shows you the information from the search engine direct, so although a keyword may not have a lot of competition it may or may not be popular.
  3. Not forgetting Bing which is the other big search engine on the block, by using the Bing Webmaster tools you can research your keywords and website from the Bing side of the fence.
  4. Not forgetting that Google also provides a suite of webmaster tools to help you with your search engine journey
By using these tools above you can get an idea of which keywords will work best for your website,

Once you have your keywords and have made changes to your website to track the visitors and keywords they use to come to your website. Again make sure to stick to both side of the fence in terms of search engines, use both Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools to check on your visitors and where they are coming from.

Happy website promoting and best of luck.

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