Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tip 33 - Testing

I thought I woudl take some time to mention one area most website designers and developers struggle with and that is testing. Simply put just making sure your website works and looks the same on all browsers.

It is the norm for anyone who designs websites on a regular basis to have an array of browsers on their machine in order to check that their website works on different browsers, but you may be asking what about me I only have a single website and its too much to have all browsers on my machine.

The Solution

The solution lies in online testing, and although there are a lot of websites that offer this service both free and paid, the best one I have come accross is by the lovely people at Adobe and its called the Adobe Browser Lab this lovely service let you test you website in not only different browsers but different operating systems also.

Dont Forget

Whilst it is always a good idea to test your website in different browsers, never forget that not everyone is using teh same size or resolution of monitor, although the standard is still 1024 x 768 make sure you test on as many resolutions as possible, and remember a given resolution is not the same on a wide screen monitor as it may be on say a Mac laptop.

So in testing make sure you test both compatibility as well as viewability.

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